Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Egyptian Embassy in Russia announces resuming international flights to Cairo on Sept. 9.

CAIRO - 9 September 2020: Media Advisor of the Egyptian Embassy in Moscow Ahmed Abdel Moez said that the embassy has exerted great efforts to resume flights between Cairo and Moscow amidthe coronavirus pandemic and that these efforts resulted in the resumption of flights between the two countries on Wednesday, September 9.

Abdel Moez pointed out that Egypt is one of the few countries towhich Russiahas restored flights.
The traffic between the two countries will resume after being stopped for nearly six months due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.
He reiterated that Egypt is the fifth country towhich Russia resumes flights, at an average of 3 flights per week, a rate that exceeds the number of flights allocated to most other countries.
On the other hand, a Russian television delegation is visiting Egypt to shoot a documentary program entitled "The Lives of Others" that sheds light on the daily life in post-corona Egypt and provides information on the most important archaeological sites, Egyptian tourist attractions, and safety measures followed in Egypt to protect tourists, to help attract more Russian-speaking tourists and bypassthe negative effects resulting from the suspension of tourism due to the pandemic.

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